Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barn Socks

An inelegant part of farm work happens in the barn. Barn chores include feeding, watering, organizing, straightening, mucking -- you get the idea. In upstate NY, these chores often happen in the cold, so socks become an important part of the dress code. You also have to be able to wash them, and if worst comes to worst, you have to be willing to throw them away.

I was going through my stash and found some 6 ply yarn I had bought a while ago. I thought I would like it, but decided it was too bulky for everyday wear and set it aside -- probably 10 balls of it.

This yarn has been resurrected. I have started a series of barn socks from it. It is warmer and cushier than what I usually knit socks from. These socks should be warmer and better for staying on my feet. Waiting for lambs to be born often requires standing around.

I'll work my way though these socks and maybe knit some Frankensocks from the leftovers. Stay tuned.

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